The activities of Seda Ghazarian Memorial Foundation (SGMF) include provision of socio-psychological, psychiatric and counselling services, implementation of surveys, development and organisation of educational and training programmes, promotion of public awareness of mental health issues, promotion of voluntary work in mental health, formulation of proposals on mental health policy issues.

Our activities are based on the understanding that mental health concerns us all.

We believe in promotion of mental well being, prevention of mental ill health and early intervention when problems occur.

The Intra Mental Health Centre of SGMF provides high quality psychological and psychiatric services as well as a Day Centre for people with mental health problems, disabilities and their carers.

The Day Centre services are free for all the clients and their carers. Other services at Intra are free to members of socially vulnerable groups.

Our research initiatives combined with practical knowledge help us to identify key mental health issues to be addressed in Armenia as well as develop informed and targeted measures of intervention.

We believe that education and raising awareness are among the most important means of promoting mental well-being, reducing the stigma attached to people suffering from mental illnesses and allaying the social isolation of their families.

Our educational/training programmes are directed towards skills improvement of professionals in mental health sector and associated disciplines. At the request of private and public organisations, SGMF also develops and implements various targeted educational and training programmes.

In order to improve the conditions of people with mental health problems and to raise the quality of mental health services, based on its surveys and experience, SGMF develops proposals aimed at improving mental health policy issues and makes these proposals available to interested institutions/parties.