The educational and training programmes we offer are designed for professionals of mental health and associated disciplines, private and public organisations as well as for all those who are interested in personal development.

We offer services to recently qualified as well as experienced specialists in mental health, directed towards the development of their specialist knowledge and skills.

  • Specialist supervision
  • Specialist practice
  • Specialist training courses, including:
    • Specialisation courses (1 to 6 months)
    • Short-term courses (seminars, intensive courses, etc.)

At present specialisation courses are organised with regular frequency at SGMF

  • Development of individual counselling skills
  • Development of group counselling skills
  • Basics of child therapy
  • Personal mental health protection: “Causes, mechanisms and adaptability”
  • Introduction to cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Psychological aspects of human resources management

Courses for personal development

Courses on personal development are designed for people who are interested in their psychological health and self-improvement issues and wish to develop their creative potential, make effective decisions, set and achieve objectives. Courses on personal development are on the following themes:

  • How to raise one’s self-esteem
  • How to make the second half of one’s life meaningful
  • How to raise self-confidence
  • How to achieve mental harmony
  • How to build harmonious interpersonal relationships

At present, courses for personal development are organised frequently at SGMF

  • Dance therapy
  • Personal development

Courses offered to organisations

Various counselling and training courses offered by us to organisations are designed to improve their efficiency and functionality. Services offered are discussed with each interested organisation and specific programmes are developed on the basis of the organisation’s needs.

Courses offered to organisations are designed for companies which consider the human factor important in raising productivity at work and strive to maintain a high degree of motivation at work believing that the success and progress of any organisation depends on human resources. SGMF offers a series of courses designed for personnel training which can effectively raise the level of psychological preparedness of professionals and significantly contribute to the growth of productivity in the workplace. At the request of private and public organisations, SGMF also develops and implements a variety of targeted training programmes (courses).

Courses of general nature offered to organisations

  • Overcoming conflicts
  • Interaction skills
  • Raising self-confidence
  • Overcoming stress
  • Negotiating skills
  • Development of sales skills
  • Development of teamwork skills
  • Forms of psychological influences in management
  • Management of human resources (emphasising the psychological component in staff selection, assessment of compatibility between a person’s characteristics and those of a specific job, e.g. assessment of person-job fit etc.